About Us

A focus on tax credits

KUHLER was created with the vision of supporting CPAs, professional tax accountants and corporations/business owners with the best-in-class federal and state tax credit and refund services consulting.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, we provide tax credit services to a diverse group of companies across a wide range of industries throughout the United States. By offering its services on a performance fee basis, we give our clients the maximum refund potential without the risk associated with other accounting services with different fee structures.

Track Record

KUHLER was founded by a successful tax credits expert who saw an opportunity to apply his broad expertise to an underserved group: small to medium-sized businesses. Combining his vision and experience with a company-wide commitment to maximizing client advantage, KUHLER has grown to become an industry leader in the delivery of Employee Hiring credits and tax recoveries and administrative services to this segment of the industry.

As the tax code constantly evolves, we monitor and respond to change, ensuring that clients receive the greatest benefit with the least effort. With KUHLER's expertise, companies are free to concentrate on running their operations, while reaping the financial benefits of the tax credits available to them.

We are very pleased with the outcome on both the individual and corporate level. Your staff has been both highly professional and thorough in their work.

— Philip F. Ales, Jr.
    Chief Financial Officer
     A & P Floor Co.